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Bob Koepka - Stories from a Golf Dad

June 26th, 2020
My guest on this week's episode is Bob Koepka, father of Brooks and Chase Koepka.  I know that I have been saying this quite often, but this episode is another instant classic.  You'll notice that I am gladly getting the hell out of the way and letting Bob tell some fantastic stories about raising two young boys that had an interest in golf.  If you really pay attention, you'll see how random moments in the career of a junior golfer were addressed and identified immediately.....and they  ended up becoming life lessons that would be applied down the road by professional golfers.  This episode has something for everyone.  If you're a parent of a junior golfer.....TONS of great information.  If you're wondering how Brooks and Chase ended up playing in Europe to start their professional careers?  Yep, it's in here as well.    


Bob Koepka - Twitter

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